Help grow the cycling community in Cranbrook, meet other riders, support trail building and maintenance, have fun. Annual membership of the club is only $25 for individuals and $50 for families. Remember, the larger our member base the better our ability is to advocate for trail access in the Cranbrook area.

The club is a non profit society registered with the Province of BC, and also a registered club with IMBA (International Mountain Bike Association) Canada.

NEW in 2023 purchase your membership and sign your waiver online. 

Become A Member




You can still pick up your membership stickers at these great locations.

High Country Sports –    11 – 10th Ave S

Gerick Cycles –     320 Cranbrook St N

Northstar Bicycle Co –      1900 Cranbrook St N







Cool stickers are not the only reason to become a Wildhorse member…


Why Buy a membership?

Your annual membership helps the club provide the following:

Insurance: This covers group rides, club events, and our members when they are doing club activities like trail building. This is not a fancy cost but it is an essential and expensive one.

Trail building: The club helps buy the tools that go into the hands of the trail builders who put in countless hours of volunteer time through the years. We are lucky for the group of folks who donate their time to enhance our recreational quality of life in Cranbrook

Winter Trail Grooming: We have two snowdog trail groomers for winter riding and hiking. These need upkeep and gas money. The snowdogs and their operators make this town pretty amazing in the winter.

Grant Applications: Having money in the bank allows us to apply for grants to add new trails and maintain existing ones. Cranbrook has well in excess of 200km of trails with big plans on the horizon.

Advocacy: Your paid membership shows support for a growing cycling community that gives us political clout when advocacy is needed. We have around 1300 members on Facebook but generally 80 paid members each year. Aside from building our finances you also build our reputation as an advocacy group. If you have been here for a while you have noticed the growth in cycling culture in Cranbrook. We have had awesome support from individuals and businesses in the community over the years. We don’t run on the big-budget that other places have but we do a great job of stretching the dollars we do have.

For further information regarding memberships, please contact us at